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Won't you come and fly in my beautiful balloon? You'll see the country below laid out like a child's toy; you'll hear nothing but bird song and the hiss of the burners; you'll scarcely seem to move, and be amazed at how far you travel! It may lack speed, and you can never be absolutely certain where you'll end up, but it's no wonder this experience has so many enthusiasts!

So you want to go ballooning then?

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A little bit about hot air ballooning

Hot air ballooning is the activity of flying hot air balloons. Attractive aspects of ballooning include the exceptional quiet (except when the propane burners are firing), the lack of a feeling of movement, and the bird's–eye view. Since the balloon moves with the direction of the winds, the passengers feel absolutely no wind, except for brief periods during the flight when the balloon climbs or descends into air currents of different direction or speed.

To find out more check out our Ballooning FAQ's page, we have a lot of common questions and answers which should leave you feeling a little more comfortable.